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Topic: Identifying Tools for Your Specific Needs

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Subject:   Walking a Number Line
Author: Suzanne
Date: Jun 16 2005
On Jun 16 2005, WandaB wrote:
Another need: Being able to apply
>Does anyone have a simple tool or explanation for the
>rule for multiplication and division?

Hi Wanda,

Quite a few years ago Sarah Seastone was writing this
FAQ for Ask Dr. Math:

and she was not convinced that a "negative times a
negative" was a positive. We usually communicated in
email but this time she called me and I explained how
I would have my students physically walk on a number
line that I made with masking tape in the room. She
liked my explanation so much that she wrote this page
to link to from the FAQ:

Along with developing conceptual understanding, I had
my students practice their arithmetic skills and I
wrote this "lesson plan" page that has links to the
Math Stars shareware software that I used to use:


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