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Topic: Jeff's Thursday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   Jeff's Thursday ToolFest Question and Wanda's Thursday Focus
Author: Craig
Date: Jun 16 2005
The alignment of Jeff's question with Wanda's work today brings home an
important point:  Tools are useless unless they're used.  At first flush, I want
to tell Wanda, "Why bother? The MathTools catalog already does this!" but
thinking about Jeff's question regarding the role of publishers puts Wanda's
project in a new light.

Bottom line: teaching is very demanding.  Many teachers don't have the resource
of lots of time to look in extra places for teaching tools... they use the
publisher's materials, and they use (more and more these days, with NCLB)
state-published standards and benchmarks.  If those places contain meaningful
tool collections, teachers are more likely to use them.  Getting more tools into
the hands of teachers who can decide whether or not to use them, based on the
merits of the tools rather than not using the tools because they didn't know
about them, is a laudable activity.  Keep up the good work, Wanda!

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