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Topic: Jeff's Thursday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   RE: Jeff's Thursday ToolFest Question and Wanda's Thursday Focus
Author: WandaB
Date: Jun 16 2005

Thank you for your response. I put alot of time into dissecting the frameworks
and trying to identify tools to help meet the learning objectives. The project
is only in it's initial stages! This was on my initiative, but one that will
definitely benefit my students in the classroom. If we can show that items
catalogued in the MathTools library match learning objectives and have a
positive impact on student achievement, then educators might be more receptive
to using them.  

The issue is - how do we spread the news. I almost feel like we're preaching to
the choir. I am so passionate about education and the learning environment that
I do not settle for routine methods of teaching. We have to be responsive to our
student's needs.

I contacted my State Department of Education letting them know about the Remote
ToolFest and my desire to begin an online discussion with other Arkansas
educators. The response was positive.

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