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Topic: Once upon a time...

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Subject:   Once upon a time...
Author: ihor
Date: Jun 17 2005
Good morning,
It's TGIF! And that’s because Fridays are always good days for stories!

So let me start off by sharing a couple of mine. After you get a chance to read
and experience them, then I’d like you to come back here and (1) comment on the
stories you just read  (2) share YOUR favorite mathtools stories here with us
and (3) archive a (slightly?) more detailed version at the official story enter

Now it’s story time!

First story has to do with my experience with Green Globs. (At the moment I’m
not sure if it’s on the Mathtools site so here it is on one mine.)

#1 The Great Green Globs Contest

#2 The Fraction Darts Experience: How would you find a fraction between 3/4 and

#3 The Weird Number: An inspiration for “flattening” the fraction barriers
Last, but not least, is the story of little town nestled in the woods inhabited
by natural numbers. It’s the blockbuster move called the “Weird Number”. You’ll
need the Qucktime player (or equivalent) and popcorn in order to watch it.

After you’ve seen it ,come back and let me know what you thought of it and I’ll
share with you how I use the film and my microworlds to help flatten the
fraction barriers!

Also experience the Family Fractions microworld at



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