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Topic: Jeff's Friday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   No Tech Measurment activities
Author: WandaB
Date: Jun 17 2005
Technology is awesome and does so much to captivate student interest, but
sometimes, simple non-technology methods are just as effective.

Customary measurement (capacity)
Gallon Man - I've seen this identifitied for grades 2+, but even my 8th graders
love it! You can either purchase a 'gallon man' at a teacher supply, or make
your own using the computer or simple construction paper. Either way, this
visual tool is very effective for understand converting between customary units
of capacity. Below are some links that explain:

2. Metric measurement
We have just as much fun with this. After building on the knowledge that the
metric system is based on powers of ten, and how to multiply/divide by powers of
ten, we then tackle the metric system.

First, I have my students make up a saying and illustrate the order of metric
units. Here's a wonderful example that I'll never forget, "King Henry died under
dripping cow manure," (Kilo, Hecta, Deka, units, deci, centi, milli) The girl's
sayings usually aren't quite as graphic; theirs usually has something to do with
cute men!

Using their saying and a simple table made by turning their notebook paper so
the lines are vertical, we practice converting metric measurements by moving the
decimal point.

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