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Topic: Jeff's Friday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   RE: Jeff's Fractionator
Author: njh
Date: Jun 17 2005
Just two notes -- I would like some direction to using the fractionator! and
2), the definition of educational technology is any tool (computer related or
not!) that can be used in the classroom to aid students in understanding a
topic.  So... all of the "low-tech" ideas (including Mr. Gallon!) are really
educational technology items, just "low" tech, not no tech!

On Jun 17 2005, ihor wrote:
> Jeff wrote:
This led to a non-tech device I called the
> fractionator.
> Students can use the device to create and subdivide unit squares. In
> practice,
it turned out that the students who had an idea of
> equivalent fractions could
use the device successfully.

> very, very cool. But I'm not sure how you use the fractionator (from
> the grapic above).


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