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Topic: function notaion
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Subject:   RE: function notaion
Author: njh
Date: Jun 17 2005
Just a note -- after I had introduced linear equations (not very thoroughly)
to my eighth graders, I introduced function notation.  For some reason, it
really "clicked" with them, and they loved working with the notation -- for
some reason it really made sense to them and they started using the vocabulary
as if it were the most natural thing in the world.  I was surprised, but happy!
We started with linear functions and briefly talked about quadratics (tables and
graphs, only) and some of higher degree (tables only).  Hopefully, when they get
to algebra, they will not have a problem with this concept.  I did talk some
about non-number relations/functions also.
That's my experience.  (BTW, I used a "low-tech" interactive Bulletin board
which I changed daily for reinforcement -- the guys really looked forward to
completing this daily assignment -- a sure sign that they understood how to
generate the table).

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