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Topic: Identifying Tools for Your Specific Needs

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Subject:   RE: What are YOUR needs?
Author: Alan Cooper
Date: Jun 21 2005
On Jun 20 2005, Mathman wrote:
> On Jun 20 2005, Alan Cooper wrote:

> > Many of the wonderful IES
> > applets have somewhat
> > cryptic instructions and lessons that could
> > work brilliantly for a
> > really motivated or gifted student but
> > might be frustrating for
> > others. Developing lessons with more
> > guidance using some of these
> > would imho be quite a useful
> > contribution.

> Agreed!  Perhaps I'm old-fashioned [the price of
> being old is to be fashioned as well?] but I always prepared all of
> my own developmental lesson plans based upon available material and
> personal knowledge of the subject. Isn't that the art of being a
> teacher?

Yes David, but there are many teachers who are forced to teach math even though
it is not their own area of expertise and so do not have the same depth of
understanding as you - and even an experienced expert  may from time to time
find benefit from adopting a lesson plan devised by someone else.  Also, the
amount of detailed preparation and "beta testing" needed for materials to
support independent learning is much greater than for a f2f class where the
instructor will be there to clear up misconceptions, so in that context
especially, it may be productive to benefit from one another's labour and
experience. (And don't forget that my quoted comment was in response to a
request for examples of tools or 'mathlets' for which the development of
associated lessons would be a useful exercise for student teachers - so the
first beneficiary of such work would in fact be its author.)


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