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Topic: Geometry Activities
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Subject:   RE: Geometry Activities
Author: Craig
Date: Jun 22 2005
Something I had students do this year:  they had to make a net for, and then
construct, a "box" to do one of three things:
1.  Hold four tennis balls arranged in a tetrahedron (box was tetrahedron),
2.  Hold 6 tennis balls or 4 softballs (box could be any shape... students used
a cylinder), or
3.  Hold seven square pyramids, each with 3 inch square base and height of 4

The one group that did task 3 made a very strange box, but they followed
directions.  I might change to bigger bases, shorter heights, or more pyramids
in the future (they put all 7 pyramids point-to-point, with bases forming an
"arc" around the center).

Groups were required to calculate the "efficiency" of their designs, in terms of
percentage of the container filled by the objects, and in terms of surface area
per stored object.

Students had fun with this assignment, and they did some good planning and

Good luck!  Be sure to check out all the tools available in MathTools... as
Susan pointed out in another message!  Be sure to look under "Geometry" as a
course, too... and try a search for "Nets" using the catalog search at the top
of the screen.

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