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Topic: Number Grid game, anyone?

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Subject:   Number Grid game, anyone?
Author: Annie
Date: Jul 12 2005
Use of a "hundreds chart" or number grid (such as ) is a
big part of developing number sense in primary students.  This is when they're
learning that numbers aren't magic, but that they follow very predictable
patterns!  I'd love to see a couple of different applets based on the use of the
number grid.

One use of the whole grid is to cover each number on it with a post-it note.
Then one post-it is removed to show a number, and a student is asked to find,
perhaps, "the number 24 more than that one", and to explain how they did it.
The idea is that eventually they'll realize that while they _could_ count
forward 24 spaces (remembering NOT to count the one they started on), they could
also go down two rows (or 20) first, then count forward 4.  Or if they're
supposed to find the number that's 29 less, they can go up three rows (for 30),
and then forward 1.  

I envision an applet that shows the "covered" number grid and when the student
says start or asks for a new problem or whatever, it "uncovers" one of the
numbers and then asks for a number that's a certain amount more or less than

A second cool use of the grid is to have students fill out "number grid
puzzles".  These are little chunks of the grids, with four or five (or six...)
squares connected and one number is filled in.  Students need to fill in the
connected squares.  I've put together some sample puzzle pieces at .

I envision an applet that would give a puzzle piece with one of the numbers
filled in.  There could be different choices for difficulty, such as all the
numbers involved are on the basic hundreds chart (0-100), or 3-digit numbers
are allowed, or 4-digit numbers.  Possibly even allowing squares on the
diagonal (not just vertical or horizontal) or not.

I'd love to work with someone who's interested in developing something along
these lines.  Thanks!


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