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Subject:   RE: Indexing
Author: Suzanne
Date: Jul 23 2005
Hi Susan,

Thanks for asking this question! It gives me the opportunity to explain a little
about what happens behind the scenes in Math Tools. Actually what happens when
you "submit" a tool:

is that it does NOT automatically go into the Math Tools catalog. It goes into
something we call the "Catalog Office." At that point a Math Forum Staff person
(usually Melissa or me!) reviews the submission. We check all of the information
that is submitted. If it is a "tool" (rather than a lesson, activity, etc.) we
make the thumbnail graphic that appears on the catalog page. Within the "Catalog
Office" it is possibly to search using the URL (or title or author or keywords
in the description) to verify whether the tool has already been cataloged. Your
idea of having an automatic checker is a great one and one that I'll add to my
wishlist if/when we have a third version of Math Tools. Right now we are on
version 2.

We, of course, appreciate it if you don't submit a duplicate resource so here
are some things that you can do to help us.

1. Get familiar with the resources that are cataloged under your favorite
"course." My favorite method of browsing is to use the "Math Topics" link on the
left sidebar.

2. Use the search field at the top of every page and search for the title of the
tool that you are considering suggesting. For example, let's say you are
considering this tool:

The name that Shodor uses is "Data Flyer" so the chances are pretty good that we
would have used that same name if we had cataloged it already. So to check if it
is cataloged, I would type:

   Data Flyer

in the Search field. Try it and you'll see that Data Flyer comes up in the
returned page and so you know that it has already been cataloged. Unfortunately
you cannot successfully use a URL in the search field. I just tried it and it
doesn't work.

If others have questions about how things work, feel free to respond to this
post and I'll be happy to try to explain.


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