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Topic: Reset button
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Subject:   RE: Reset button
Author: Suzanne
Date: Jul 23 2005
Hi Cynthia,

I didn't find a "reset" button either but I tried "refreshing" my browser window
and that had the effect that I wanted. When we chatted on IM yesterday about
this you mentioned that you had viewed the Instructions for "Tight Weave" and I
just looked at them now. (NLVM have a standard look to their tools and there is
an "Instructions" button in the top navigation bar that will open a window to
provide you with information of how to use the tool.)

It reads:

"Click the button at the upper right to see any of the first five stages. Reset
as desired by clicking the Reset button."

I also expect to see a "reset" button on the screen all of the time. I just
tried it again having read aterner's response to your post and I saw that once I
had clicked through Stage 5 that button that I had been clicking changed to
display "Reset" rather than "Stage 1," "Stage2," etc!


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