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Topic: Smartboard files

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Subject:   RE: Smartboard files
Author: Suzanne
Date: Jul 24 2005
Hi Susan,

I must admit that SMART Board technology is new to me and it would help me a lot
if you could provide some details about the kinds of resources that you use.
When you say "files" what kinds of files are you talking about? I now know that
there is SMART Notebook software and there are files on the SMART Technologies
site in that format. In fact after talking to Kelly, one of the SMART
Technologies teachers in the Exhibit Hall at NECC, I cataloged a couple of

Are those examples of what you mean by "files" or is there something else that
I'm not yet aware of?

> Will resources for Smartboard ever be included in Technology Types?

I would love to add them as a Technology Type. At the present we don't have
funding to add that level of new functionality but we're working on it! You'll
notice that for now the two resources that I cataloged are under the general
"Computer" Technology Type. I did, however, use the words "SMART Notebook" in
the title so if you want to find all of them, just search for

  SMART Notebook

and the current two will show up on the return page. So, if we add more in the
near future without having a separate tech type, you'll be able to find them
pretty quickly.  If there are other types of SMART files, I'll name them
something similar so that a search will return them all together.

> Has anyone started developing and saving Smartboard files?

Yes, if what I've given as an example matches what you mean by "files."

>Is there a way that we could someday exchange Smartboard files through
>Math Tools?

Yes, I think that would be a great idea. Actually, you can do that right now as
part of the Math Forum's Teacher Exchange. If you have a resource that you would
like us to host, just go to the Teacher Exchange page:

and select the "Contact us" link. I'll contact you with the details of what to
do to send the file. I'll add the file to one of the Math Forum servers and
catalog it in Math Tools.


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