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Topic: How do you like it?
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Subject:   RE: How do you like it?
Author: lanius
Date: Jul 25 2005
Hi Cami,

I agree with Ihor. I thought the game was fun and engaging and addresses
important math skills. I liked it that there were multiple paths. I was
challenged to find the shortest path. Unfortunately, as Susan said, it's hard to
find students now. Summer school is over here in South Texas.

Let me ask you this question. It seemed like this would also be a great game for
multiplication practice. It seems like the design and major programming on the
game would already be done, and with a few tweaks you'd be able to also create a
game that would be for multiplication. Are you thinking of that?

Anyway, great game.

I did notice that it took longer than usual to load for a flash application.

On Jul 24 2005, Cami wrote:
> Hi everyone, this is Camille Dodson, the director of the Flash Math
> project. It was tons of fun (and work) making this game. We often
> traveled to a local elementary school and talked to 4th graders and
> Dara Glazer, the math tutor. I'm new at making an educational game,
> and I would love to hear from you. Any feedback would be awesome and
> would make us believe others are out there appretiating our
> creation!

So what do you like? What would you add or change? Did
> any kids play it? Did they have fun?

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