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Topic: How do you like it?
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Subject:   RE: How do you like it?
Author: Suzanne
Date: Jul 25 2005
After reading Ihor's comment that he will have some of the middle school
teachers that he works with try this with their students I realized I hadn't
marked it in a wide enough range of courses or topics. I just adjusted it some
but I would love to hear more thoughts from folks on the topics that they would
choose to include it under.

For example, if you go to this page:
and select Math 6 or Math 7, what topics and subtopics would you choose? Are
there some that I've not included that you think should be included? Compare the
ones that you can view at the bottom of the tool page:

to the complete list of a course that you are most familiar with.

On those same lines, does the description that is there so far do the tool
justice? Does anyone have a suggestion for something more descriptive or is it
enough as it is? What grade level(s) do you think best covers Easy or Medium or
Hard. Should we include that in the description?

Thanks for your input!

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