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Topic: How do you like it?
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Subject:   RE: How do you like it?
Author: ihor
Date: Jul 26 2005
>Let me ask you this question.
> It seemed like this would also be a great game for multiplication
> practice. It seems like the design and major programming on the game
> would already be done, and with a few tweaks you'd be able to also
> create a game that would be for multiplication. Are you thinking of
> that?

Great idea, Cynthia. In the "old" computer days there used to be lots of good
programs for learning facts. Now they have morphed to the web, but I havent
found any that I was able to use with my teachers. If that's doable I could give
you (Cami) lots of feedback on the program in the fall (in addition to your
current work.)

I too am concerned about the download time. But it may not be a problem in the
schools I work in. I'll  find out when I get there in September.

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