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Topic: How do you like it?
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Subject:   Responding to all the discussion
Author: Cami
Date: Jul 26 2005
I'm so excited to see all your responses! I've been reading them every day, and
I figured it was time I replied.

> Multiplication version of Flash Math
This is definitly a do-able idea. It was something we concidered when we first
made the game. Multiplication, division, exponentials, equations. All things can
be done. What's the biggest barrier is our time. The more people seem interested
in this, the more incentive we have to put in the time. We will try planning out
a new version, as simple as possible, and approximate how long it will take.

> Download time is long
I notice this too. We wanted to include long songs instead of short loops that
are often in internet games. By reducing the music quality, we could half the
download time. We'll look into this.

> Trying it in the fall with your classes
I think this is great! I'm looking forward to hearing how it works for you.

> Practicing math without realizing it
Let me know if that's how the kids feel. I found this game to be lots of fun to
play. Hope they do too.

Camille Dodson

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