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Topic: How do you like it?
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Subject:   feedback from a tPoW fan
Author: Lillian
Date: Jul 27 2005

I'm working with the Math Forum playing with tPoW's and discussing them, and
they gave us a link to play with this one too.

I really liked the game -- I thought the graphics and music were much better
than most computer games, and I thought the story and concept went together well
were easy to understand.  At first I thought it would be really easy, but by the
hard level, my arithmetic and patterns skills were being pretty challenged.  I
thought that moving by 9s was the most fun because it was easy to find a
pattern.  17 was definitely the hardest.  I had fun finding every single tile I
could go to, since that increased the score (at first I was worried the score
would go down if I went on the same tile twice, but it didn't).  I think it
would be cool (but more nerve-racking if there was a timer keeping track of
how long it took, and you could try to beat your time).

My other suggestion (I'm not a programmer, so I don't know how hard or easy this
would be) is thatit would be cool if the explorer didn't always look the same
-- like if sometimes he or she had longer hair or different colored skin or no
beard and things like that.


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