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Topic: 2nd Weekly Tool Fest Activity

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Subject:   RE: Becoming an Adept MathTools User
Author: Jeff L
Date: Aug 1 2005
For all the new users, Craig is probably the best source for wringing
information out of MathTools..(I'm hoping he will post some of his inservice
outlines [this is a hint!])

Like Craig has suggested I use the same procedure for finding the sources. Once
located I cut and paste the URLs into a pre-document. I have set up these
documents to correspond with major topic headings and or text chapters.

I also post my weekly 'lesson plans' on the net and where appropriate I include
links to tools, examples, etc. for parents and students to find additional
information or help. I usually limit these to the areas where an alternative
approach/explanation would be beneficial or where the ability to see a solution
might aid understanding.


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