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Topic: Blogs and Digital Cameras

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Subject:   Blogs and Digital Cameras
Author: misterteacher
Date: Aug 1 2005
I posted this message on the mathteach discussion forum but was informed that I
should have posted it here.  Here's the message:

I've been working on a website (  for about a
year now that describes many ways teachers can use technologies like blogs,
digital cameras, digital portfolios, and spreadsheets to enhance student
learning of mathematics.  Since I haven't seen any discussion of these tools in
these forums (I am new), I wanted to get the opinions of math teachers (not
technology specialists, they agree with me) on the use of these tools in the
math classroom.    

A little background: I have used all of these tools successfully in my classroom
over the past year.  I particularly think that blogs and digital cameras, not
the first technologies people associate with math, have great potential to
enhance student learning.  If you disagree, please check out the site as I have
outlined many ways to effectively integrate them into the math classroom.

Thanks for any input,

Jamie Tubbs
Grade 6 - Wyoming Middle School
Cincinnati, OH

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