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Topic: Smartboard files

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Subject:   Ease of use
Author: WandaB
Date: Aug 3 2005
I have found virtual manipulatives to be easy to use and very beneficial in
terms of student learning. When I use virtual manipulatives in my classroom, I
do so by having the students take turns manipulating the tool on the smartboard.
Also, when in the computer lab, I can demonstrate the tool while the students do
the same on their computer.

For a regular classroom setting, I haven't found the need for special folders or
lessons using virtual manipulatives. I use the applets in a variety of ways -
teacher led, teacher led while students manipulate with concrete objects at
their desks, or student discovery either on the smartboard or individual
computer. An easy way to organize identified tools would to do so on either the
MathTools website (My MathTools) or using the 'favorites' menu on your internet

Obviously, there is a need to have the url addresses bookmarked for ease of
locating the tool which has been my goal this summer. I began this project
during the remote ToolFest in June, and through continued discussions at
MathTools, have found many new sites to add to my list of resources.

I post my assignments regularly on the class website, but in the past I have not
included internet resources. That is also another goal I have for the upcoming
school year (which is only a few weeks away!)

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