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Topic: 2nd Weekly Tool Fest Activity

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Subject:   Submitting to MathTools
Author: Craig
Date: Aug 5 2005
For new submissions to MathTools, the "vetting" process usually doesn't take
very long... it's a matter of making sure the link works, looking for the right
course links to cross-reference, and making a graphic.  From submission to
cataloguing could be in the range of a few hours to a few days (longer if there
are problems, or if the very small staff at MathForum is overwhelmed).  Please

As for not knowing whether something is a tool, per se, a rule of thumb is, if
the site does something it's a tool; if not, it might be an activity or a lesson
plan (or even support).

I, too, have "collected" several tools that I use in teaching, especially
Statistics-related; I have submitted most that I use (nowadays, when I use a
tool in Stats, I try to check whether it's already on MathTools; if not, I
submit!).  Sometimes, I'm not sure about whether other courses might make use of
the tool (I know about high school, but I'm not a k-8 curriculum expert, for
example) I'll put a comment in the submission, and the editors (mostly Suzanne
Alejandre) will have someone from appropriate grade bands check it out.

Just think: if you're using it, it must be good; if it's good, other
teachers could and should use it.  But not all other teachers might be able to
find it!  That's the role of MathTools... a one-stop source for technology
teaching aids.

As the number of links in MathTools increases (it just passed 20,000), quality
ratings from users become more important.  So, if you like a tool (or think one
you tried was a real stinker), submit a review of the tool as well.  It's not
difficult or time-consuming, and it greatly adds to the usefulness of the
MathTools site.

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