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Topic: 2nd Weekly Tool Fest Activity

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Subject:   RE: Submitting (and Rating) MathTools
Author: Alan Cooper
Date: Aug 5 2005
I take your point and agree that it would probably be useful to be more
proactive about recommending sites to MathTools. I must admit that the prospect
of going through my entire collection of favourites is a bit daunting, but maybe
if I plan to follow your advice and do it as I next work through the courses
(and if I don't find myself so busy when the time comes that I end up letting
them all pile up again) then perhaps ...

On Aug  5 2005, Craig wrote:
> For new submissions to MathTools, the "vetting" process usually
> doesn't take very long...

>    . . . .

> As the number of links in MathTools increases ...
> quality ratings from users become more important.

Having just re-run a couple of queries that I may not have looked at since
several months ago, I agree that the number of items has grown considerably and
that doing ratings may be even more important than submitting new items.

One question I have is whether ratings of an item are or could be dependent on
the context in which it is being rated. To be specific, on looking for items on
'Exponential Functions' in PreCalculus, I found that many of the highest rated
items had little or nothing to do with that particular topic (eg just general
purpose graphing utilities with no specific adaptation or lesson). I was
inclined to rate them down in that context but don't really want that to reflect
on how they are rated in one that is more appropriate. Another feature that
might be useful is a way of "rating the ratings" analogous to what is done in
amazon and eBay - it would be ideal to see items listed in the order determined
by ratings that were given primarily with one's own interests and

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