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Topic: 2nd Weekly Tool Fest Activity

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Subject:   RE: Submitting (and Rating) MathTools
Author: Suzanne
Date: Aug 6 2005
On Aug  5 2005, Alan Cooper wrote:
> One question I have is whether ratings of an item are or could be
> dependent on the context in which it is being rated.

Using the functionality that we now have, one quick way to make a point about
the context of your rating is to write a sentence or two as a "comment" when you
rate. As an example, if you go to this catalog page:

and scroll down, you can see that the tool was rated from "1 star" to "4 stars."
Two of the raters wrote reviews but eight of the raters wrote quick comments.
This tool was created by a student team as part of the TRAILS project
( ). They really appreciated receiving feedback from
experienced classroom teachers! Some of the TRAILS students will be the
educational software designers of tomorrow!

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