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Topic: Using CamStudio - Thursday

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Subject:   Using CamStudio - Thursday
Author: Suzanne
Date: Aug 6 2005
This is a post explaining our third event planned for Thursday during the week
of August 8-12, 2005.

Joel Duffin from The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM) project at
Utah State University, has organized three events for us! All of the events
center around learning about eNLVM, an NSF funded project that extends NLVM by
creating learning units called eModules that utilize mathlets from the NLVM and
other websites.

If you are going to join our Chat Event, we suggest that you review both the
eNLVM material but also the ConcertChat information. If you have questions,
please post them to this discussion thread and we'll be happy to respond!

eNLVM ConcertChat Event 3
"Using CamStudio (a free tool!) to record and share student-computer
Thursday August 12, 12:30 ET - Chat with eNLVM developers about user testing

Joel asks that you please:

1. View screen capture videos of students using eNLVM materials #usertests

2. Go through a tutorial about how to use CamStudio

If you've not used ConcertChat before, read a little about how it works:

When you're ready, download the file used to join the chat:

There are two other eNLVM events planned for this week, one on Monday and
another on Wednesday. I am posting specific instructions for those events in two
other messages. Please let us know if you have questions. See you there!


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