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Topic: An Introduction to the eNLVM -- Monday

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Subject:   After-action thoughts on "eNLVM -- Monday"
Author: Craig
Date: Aug 9 2005
I see eNLVM as a potentially useful teaching tool, with some role in (informal,
formative) assessment for a classroom teacher, but with much greater power for
online teachers.  Using it is easier than learning html or perl or some other
way of embedding activities into web pages; it offers a way to fit a tool to the
specific needs of the classroom teacher.  In the past, I have provided separate
written instructions (often in the form of html or text document with live
links) with questions for students to answer using some tool they would open in
another window.  eNLVM allows me to embed questions, and space for answers, in
the same window with the tool.  Great!

As for Monday's session, I found the pace very workable; I was able to follow
along, and play around with eNLVM by setting up my own class, constructing and
adding activities to it, previewing it as a student (to include answering
questions), then go back in as a teacher to review student responses.  Very

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