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Topic: An Introduction to the eNLVM -- Monday

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Subject:   RE: eNLVM, learning modules, & Field testing
Author: Joel Duffin
Date: Aug 9 2005
On Aug  9 2005, ihor wrote:
> Hi Joel,
I enjoyed participating in your session yesterday.
> Joshua Koen and Jason Sayres (both of whom participated in the
> session yesterday) and I are involved in two NJ state Matrix grants
> with Elizabeth, NJ and Passaic, NJ and have summer workshops with
> the participants coming up later this month. We would like to
> involve our teachers this summer in your initiative and do some
> field testing in the fall as well. The Elizabeth workshop starts
> next Monday so we will looking more closely at the site this week in
> preparation.

> I'm interested in your suggestions and thoughts about this.

> Thanks - Ihor

Hi Ihor,

Thank you for participating yesterday. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

We would love for you, Joshua, and Jason work with teachers using the
eNLVM. If you did some field testing that would be great too!

Things we can offer are:
-Answering any questions you might have about the website or project
-Responding to requests for bug fixes or minor enhancements
-IRB letters for obtaining permission to gather data (see )
-The 9 eModules currently catalogued in the MathTools and listed in the
Browse Available Resources

We are continuing to evolve and the 9 eModules we currently have posted,
but I believe they are currently usable. Our plans are to add a few new
items of content and to build out the lesson plans.

We are also actively working on and will likely make available within
the month 3 additional eModules: Functions (College Algebra),
Probability (Pre-Algebra), and Solving Single Step Equations
(Pre-Algebra). Here is a longer list of the eModules we plan to build in
the longer term:

Of course you could always build and use your own lessons using NLVM
applets or resources from other websites. If you choose to do that you
might consider using or adapting the questionnaires we have put
together. You can preview them and easily copy them into classes you
create by going to:

If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks for your interest!


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