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Topic: TI83 Graphing Calculator Online

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Subject:   RE: TI83 Graphing Calculator Online
Author: Alan Cooper
Date: Aug 19 2005
On Aug 18 2005, Jeff L wrote:
> On Aug 18 2005, Mary Henderson wrote:
> > I would like my students to
> > access through the internet or as a
> > software package that can be
> > installed on a computer a program that
> > acts like a TI83 or TI84
> > graphing calculator. . .

> There area number of suitable programs . . .

another is which is a JAVA applet and
so not restricted to Windows.

But I think Mary wanted something which duplicates the actual keystrokes
(apparently for at-home use by students using a text with brand-specific

Personally I believe that the training of students to use a specific tool rather
than to understand the concepts (with sufficient depth to adapt to whatever is
available) is both paedagogically unsound and almost immoral in that it uses the
public education system to promote the interests of a particular commercial

But apparently I am in a very small minority these days.

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