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Topic: TI83 Graphing Calculator Online

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Subject:   RE: TI83 Graphing Calculator Online
Author: Mathman
Date: Aug 19 2005
On Aug 19 2005, Alan Cooper wrote:
> Personally I believe that the training of students to use a specific
> tool rather than to understand the concepts (with sufficient depth
> to adapt to whatever is available) is both pedagogically unsound
> and almost immoral in that it uses the public education system to
> promote the interests of a particular commercial enterprise.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I've been saying the same for decades
without success, let alone "these days", though I have not said it better.  My
simple suggestion is to ask what can be taught that can not be taught without
either a coaluclator or a computer?  They are certainly an assest, but the
course becomes one in learning the use of the particular machine rather than the
topic at hand.  in fact, hereabouts it has now been recognised that there are
too many dropouts and not enough graduates, do the courses are going to be made
deliberately easier.  What does "education' mean these days?


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