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Topic: TI83 Graphing Calculator Online

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Subject:   RE: TI83 Graphing Calculator Online
Author: gerirose
Date: Aug 19 2005
Dear Alan,
     Hurrah!  As someone who leads many workshops using technology, I can
support your position whole heartedly.  Technology should be a tool for learning
mathematics; not a tool learned during mathematics class.  gerirose

But I think Mary wanted something
> which duplicates the actual keystrokes (apparently for at-home use
> by students using a text with brand-specific instructions).
> Personally I believe that the training of students to use a specific
> tool rather than to understand the concepts (with sufficient depth
> to adapt to whatever is available) is both paedagogically unsound
> and almost immoral in that it uses the public education system to
> promote the interests of a particular commercial enterprise.

> apparently I am in a very small minority these days.

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