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Topic: TI83 Graphing Calculator Online

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Subject:   Geometer's Sketchpad issues
Author: Craig
Date: Aug 20 2005
Geometer's Sketchpad IS great, and it is not that difficult to learn.  If your
school has the resources to be able to purchase it, by all means use it.  You
mentioned using java applets instead; that is a possibility, but not as flexible
as GSP (did you know that you can create your own "javasketchpad" applets using

Let me offer a little advice on HOW to use Geometer's Sketchpad.

First, make sure YOU know how to use it very well.  Use it yourself for
practice, for making geometric figures for handouts, tests, etc.  Use it, if
possible, for demonstrations in class (demonstrations of geometric ideas, NOT
demonstrations of Sketchpad's capabilities or for "how to use Sketchpad").

Second, remember that Sketchpad is a tool for helping students develop geometric
understanding, it is NOT a lesson goal or objective on its own.  When you have a
geometric objective for which Sketchpad provides a method of instruction, you
provide only enough instruction on Sketchpad use (a line or two of technology
instruction interspersed, as needed, in the geometric discussion) to allow
students to reach the learning goal.  Offer technical assistance on an
individual basis by walking around the room.  ALWAYS ask students to reflect on
the geometry they discovered/practiced/learned; I never asked them about "how
did you get Sketchpad to ..." The book "Exploring Geometry with Geometer's
Sketchpad" has some excellent examples, and would probably be a great starting

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