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Topic: Secondary Math posters

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Subject:   RE: Secondary Math posters
Author: Damon
Date: Aug 25 2005

Finding secondary posters IS difficult!  There is a company in Australia that
produces some of what you are looking for; however, they may be a bit "fancy"
for your taste.  They are a bit on the pricey side (and shipping to the US is a
tad steep and time-consuming), but keep in mind that the quoted prices are in
AUD, so reduce the costs by about 25% to get the USD equivalents.  It is
strange...even local teacher stores don't seem to carry SIMPLE secondary math
posters!!  Hopefully, you'll get some feedback from teachers who are aware of
less-known resources.

Good luck!

Damon Klein

On Aug 24 2005, molson wrote:
> Hi,
I am having an incredibly difficulty time finding any useful
> math related posters for my classroom.  I teach Algebra II and
> Advanced Functions, and would love some simple posters which revolve
> around factoring, polynomials, functions, logarithms, trigonometry,
> etc.  Everything I'm finding at the moment is for the elementary
> classroom!
I'd appreciate any help/suggestions.  

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