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Topic: TI83 Graphing Calculator Online

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Subject:   RE: TI83 Graphing Calculator Online
Author: patb
Date: Sep 18 2005

Ray Fox Wrote

I tried to use virtual
> TI. Can you give me some hints on the set up?

Ray Fox

  After you download and install the VTI, you have to use the rom dump to get a
working rom in the same file... but it seems some of the newer rom versions are
not compatible with the VTI... I use a version 1.12 and it works..

To check the rom version of your Ti-83+ etc, press 2nd, then + and then
Enter... the version is on the second line of print.  

If you don't have an older rom version to load let me know and I think it is
legal to send you a copy..., just drag and drop it in the same file as your
VTI... then when you open it, use the right mouse arrow and select this rom

Hope that helps.. if not, drop me a note..


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