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Topic: Pre-algebra software

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Subject:   RE: Pre-algebra software
Author: Dr. Pat
Date: Oct 20 2005
On Oct 20 2005, Writch wrote:
> We are looking for some educational software similar to
> Renaissance's Accelerated Math, but entirely contained on the
> computer.  In other words, an individualized, work-at-your-own-pace-

> until-the-objective-is-mastered,
> the-computer, software program for Pre-algebra or Algebra 1.  Has
> anyone heard of anything outside of on-line math courses?

The very best product out is Destination Success, the interactive software
produced by
Riverdeep! It is self-contained and does exactly what you describe as your
Contact Christine Palmer and tell her I sent you.

Christine will be very helpful in getting you a look at the Destination Math
component of Destination Success.

You can also go to the riverdeep website and click on Destination Success -
Success Stories - go to California and you will find a visit to my classroom and
an interview about Destination Math usage.

Good luck and let me know what happens.

Pat Taepke,
South Hills High School
Covina-Valley Unified Schools
Covina, California

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