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Topic: Pre-algebra software

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Subject:   RE: Pre-algebra software
Author: "Mike"
Date: Oct 20 2005
On Oct 20 2005, Writch wrote:
> We are looking for some educational software similar to
> Renaissance's Accelerated Math, but entirely contained on the
> computer.  In other words, an individualized, work-at-your-own-pace-

> until-the-objective-is-mastered,
> the-computer, software program for Pre-algebra or Algebra 1.  Has
> anyone heard of anything outside of on-line math courses?

Destination Math from Riverdeep, Inc. does what you are inquiring about.  It
presents underlying math concepts and principles; it teaches critical math
skills; and it is an engaging instructional supplement which features a fusion
of animation, friendly human voices, natural language, and interactive problem
solving, all designed to raise test scores within 90 days.  Included is a
complete management system which allows for continuous progress monitoring
through both pre- and post-testing.  Teachers and administrators are able to
access diagnostic tests which are aligned to your state's math standards and
linked directly to remediation lessons.  Please get in touch if you wish to
access an on-line demonstration.

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