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Topic: Pre-algebra software

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Subject:   RE: Pre-algebra software
Author: Suzanne
Date: Oct 20 2005
Hi Ihor,

Actually the Accelerated Math program is not computer based in the way that you
might think. When I used it over 5 years ago, my students took a test on the
computer using a diagnostic test called Star Math. Once the diagnosis was made
that data goes into the computer and a student worksheet is generated and
printed. The student works through those problems on paper but uses a special
answer card to mark their multiple choice responses.

Once the first worksheet packet is completed, the student uses a scanner that is
connected to a computer to scan his/her card. The information goes into a
database and another worksheet is generated and the process continues.

There is more to the program than what I've described (different settings the
teacher can view in the database and different worksheets that the can be
generated) but the student really has very little interaction with the computer
if they are using Accelerated Math.


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