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Topic: Microsoft Producer

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Subject:   RE: Microsoft Producer
Author: CHutt
Date: Oct 20 2005
On Oct 16 2005, Susan wrote:
> Has anyone worked with Microsoft Producer?  Have you converted
> Powerpoint slides to a presentation with audio using producer?  Have
> you put a "Producer" presentation on the web?  Do you know any
> educational resources that I can look at on the web that were
> created with Producer?  Any help will be appreciated!
I have worked with Producer and Excel. Here is a link to the Producer video
instructions for students in a 200 level statistics course. They are all about
how to use Excel.  These were created by a recently retired colleague for her
statistics students. All of the links take you to Producer wmv files.

I am creating more of these now, and the trick has been to move slowly in Excel
and PowerPoint when using Producer. I am just now starting to "lecture" over
PowerPoint presentations, but I do not have any of these posted. They should be
up next quarter.

Web students, and my classroom students, both applaud the fact that they can now
watch demonstrations at home when they have a question on the finer points of
Excel use.

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