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Topic: Pre-algebra software

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Subject:   RE: Pre-algebra software
Author: Dr. Liz
Date: Oct 21 2005
On Oct 20 2005, Susan wrote:
> Our district is using Larson Pre-Algebra and Algebra I software from
> Meridian:
> It is mastery learning, and will not allow a student to move ahead
> until the concept is mastered.  It does take a certain kind of
> teacher to manage students in this program, since every student is
> on a "different page".   The teacher must be very flexible!

In addition, the Larson's Prealgebra and Algebra 1 Software is correlated to
state instructional standards to assist teachers as they plan and organize
instruction to address state requirements.  These programs are also voiced to
assist students who have difficulty with reading.  They provide pre-test and
post-test capability and provide the individualization mentioned above.
Because the student cannot move ahead until they master the concept, students do
work at their own pace.

The Larson's Prealgebra and Algebra 1 programs also provide an equal emphasis on
the practical application of math to everyday situations as on the math skills
or mechanics.   will also direct you to information on these programs.

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