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Topic: Flying through Functions

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Subject:   Chapter 1 and 2 readings
Author: macintosh
Date: Oct 24 2005
After reading the material, I feel that there are a lot of valid ideas I would
love to implement, if I Only Knew How!!  Where are the resources that give us
the examples we need to bring this material into the classroom?  I would also
like to find out if there are any workshops one can take to learn how to become
the Facilitator in the classroom.

I know from my experience teaching high school that all we (as a department)do
in IA and II is teach procedure.  I love how the author points out that our
aversion to technology leads the students to only look at graphs as a way to
check their work.  I feel that a lot of teachers think that once they show
students how to work on the calaulator that they will never do the procedure
again.  So I found it interesting that the article suggests that students still
have a preference towards the algebraic solving method.

I am also curious about the way our Algebra I textbook introduces functions.  It
is set up so that we do functions before graphing, does that make sense?  How do
people feel about that?  How are we supposed to make the connections between
tabular, graphical, and equational in terms of a function if we teach the
function first?

Also, does anyone have a thought on the way teachers view calculators as the
last resort over a process-based teaching style?  Why are we so intent upon
putting the calculators aside until the last minute?

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