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Topic: TI84 or TI89

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Subject:   RE: TI84 or TI89
Author: db
Date: Nov 1 2005
On Nov  1 2005, chief wrote:
> I am just starting school with a BSN in mind. This will entail
> algebra, stats., chem. I,II, organic chem(?),biology and possibly
> calculus and physics. Since both the TI84s and the TI89 are
> comparable in price, which in your opionon do think would be more
> use full to me? Thanks for any input you have.

Hi, I have both and used both in my classes.  I found that
#1, most kids and their older brothers/sisters already had 83/84's
#2, the 89's, while much more powerful, are trickier to use and far more
features than the majority of my students will ever use for find useful;
#3, I, personally, cannot switch between giving instructions (accurately) to my
students with 83/84's and those with 89's if I have a class with students both
calculators.  (Frustrating for teacher and students!)

Summation:  Evaluate your situation.  If you have mostly upper-level math
students who will continue in math, go with the 89.  If you have average kids,
with only a modicum of interest in continuing their math studies after high
school, go with the 83/84.  Finally, avoid a mix.  Man! I liked to have gone
crazy and everything took longer because I had to give two separate sets of
instructions and ... help.


ps.  If you are a student and not a teacher, go with the 89.

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