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Topic: Pythagorean Tree Sketchpad help

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Subject:   RE: Pythagorean Tree Sketchpad help
Author: David Chandler
Date: Nov 23 2005
> I want to "build" a Pythagorean
> Tree from scratch. I know that it
> will involve some iteration,
> but I can't get that command to be
> active. Does anyone have a
> lesson (including steps) to create the
> Pythagorean Tree? I've
> done searches, and I've found finished
> products, but not a "how
> to" do it.
Here goes.  (Does this forum allow for illustrations?)
--Start by constructing a horizontal line segment.  (If you hold the shift key
down while drawing it, it will  allow you to hand draw a perfectly horizontal
--Select the segment, then double click the left endpoint to make it the
center of rotation.
--Rotate the segment 90.
--Now double click the new endpoint while leaving the segment selected and
rotate 90 again.
--Connect the remaining vertices to complete a square.
--Construct the midpoint of a horizontal edge and construct a
--Create a point on the vertical line above the square.  Connect the new point
to the two top vertices of the square to form a triangle.
--Hide the vertical line.
--To create an iteration you must select the independent (or partially
independent) points that were used to create the construction.  In this case
select the two endpoints of the original line segment and the apex of the
--Now select iterate.
--Map the two base points of the square to the left side of the triangle.
--Click structure and add a new map.
--map the base points again to the right side of the triangle.
--Try it.

David Chandler

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