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Topic: Shodor lessons

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Subject:   RE: Shodor lessons
Author: Mathman
Date: Jan 25 2006
On Jan 24 2006, Jeff L wrote:

> I believe if Craig had used the word 'dynamic' in place of 'quick'
> it would convey the meaning better.  

I believe he did, Jeff. "...and you'll automatically get a slider that
changes the 1 quickly and dynamically in the graph..."

I also think there is an unfortunate trend to get to things quickly.  There's
nothing intrinsically wrong with that, but my own, perhaps personally prejudiced
opinion is that learning involves not jsut seeing, but studying and mastering.
It's the last part that needs the time for introspection, along with much
practice; always with the few exceptions, of course. I'm not saying one should
plod, or use inherently clumsy methods if better are available, but neither
should one be in too much of a rush.  I've seen students gain better insight
graphing by hand, and learning older graphing techniques than by simply pressing
a button or two for a more direct visual aid.  While graphing manually, they are
thinking and absorbing, either consciously or not over that period of time of
work.  The latter is more applicable to more advanced analysis, dealing with
multiple entries, after some basics have been thoroughly learned, I think.
...But I have been known to be wrong.  :)


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