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Topic: Shodor lessons

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Subject:   RE: Shodor lessons
Author: R Rands
Date: Feb 5 2006

I've read thru the thread - interesting points.  You might also like to try the
Excel Graph Wizard, which is dead easy once you get the hang of it.  (I've shown
it to grades 5 and 6 for graphing experimental data )
Enter your x-y data set, highlight the lot, click on graph wizard,  Use the
X-Y scattergraph option, then follow the instructions.  

Once you have a graph of points in a line, you can right click on one of the
data points you have graphed and add a trendline.  If your data is strictly from
a linear function, you can get the equation of the set by choosing "add
trendline,  clicking the options tab checking "display equation on chart"

The thing I like about this routine is it takes data gathered in the classroom,
can give a best fit, it works without the internet, it is extendable to
nonlinear functions and it's generally available.

On Jan 13 2006, lil wrote:
> Has anyone tried any lessons using using the Shodor program?  If so,
> how did it go? Any tips?  I am still trying to come up with an
> effective lesson for 8th grade Algebra students.

I'm not likely to post again here predictably.  If you like the possibilities, I
suggest you follow your interest in Excel graph wizard by playing with it and
maybe trying it on your students.  I have found it especially useful for science
The hardest hurdle to jump involves students who are convinced that only bar
graphs have meaning as data graphs.

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