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Topic: Math Instructional Writers Required

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Subject:   Math Instructional Writers Required
Author: TIS
Date: Mar 17 2006
Let me quickly introduce myself, I'm Sachin Torne, Practice Head for K12
Numeracy at Tata Interactive Systems.

We're currently working on a web-based Math curriculum project and are looking
for Math writers with specializations in content creation for Grade 7 and 8 to
join our project team.Let me give you a snapshot of our organization and project

Our organization

We're Tata Interactive Systems, one of the largest e-Learning solution
providers in the world. We've a large number of clients in the USA and many of
these are publishers and virtual schools. For more information on us and our
clients, you can visit us at
Current Project
Currently we're working on a Math program, aimed at Grade 7 and 8 students and
teachers. The project entails development of around 150 lesson plans based on
state standards. Subsequently these lesson plans will be storyboarded for
creating online interactivities.
We would like to know if you would be able to join our team as a Math curriculum
expert or writer. We'll get back with more details once we know your
availability for the project. We would sincerely appreciate a prompt response.


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