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Topic: Math Instructional Writers Required

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Subject:   RE: Math Instructional Writers Required
Date: Mar 18 2006
Dear Sachin

Let me introduce myself, My name is A.Vidya sagar, working as Mathematics
teacher in a reputed school in Hyderabad, and also working as an e-tutor with
a prestigious organisation in India. I am taking classes for US students
I would like to join your team as a Math Curriculum Expert or Writer.

I would like to know more information regarding that...

thanking you

A.Vidya Sagar

On Mar 17 2006, TIS wrote:
> Let me quickly introduce myself, I'm Sachin Torne, Practice Head for
> K12 Numeracy at Tata Interactive Systems.

We're currently
> working on a web-based Math curriculum project and are looking for
> Math writers with specializations in content creation for Grade 7
> and 8 to join our project team.Let me give you a snapshot of our
> organization and project requirements.

Our organization
> We're Tata Interactive Systems, one of the largest e-Learning
> solution providers in the world. We've a large number of clients in
> the USA and many of these are publishers and virtual schools. For
> more information on us and our clients, you can visit us at
Current Project
Currently we're working
> on a Math program, aimed at Grade 7 and 8 students and teachers. The
> project entails development of around 150 lesson plans based on
> state standards. Subsequently these lesson plans will be
> storyboarded for creating online interactivities.
We would like to
> know if you would be able to join our team as a Math curriculum
> expert or writer. We'll get back with more details once we know your
> availability for the project. We would sincerely appreciate a prompt
> response.


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