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Topic: Isosceles?
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Subject:   RE: Isosceles? - oops!
Author: Annie
Date: Apr 7 2006
So, to follow up my own post, Oscar wrote to me and suggested that I look at
pages 2 and 3, and sure enough, 6 is not usually equal to 5.96!  I've fixed
those pages of the sketch and I think everything should be fine.  But do let me
know if anyone finds other problems.


> Hi, Oscar.  I'm the author of the sketch.  I have to admit that I'm
> not seeing the same problem you are.  I've downloaded the sketch on
> two different computers and also looked at my original sketch, and
> all three sides of the red triangle seem to be measured in
> hundredths.  I get 5.96 cm for both legs if I don't move anything
> after I open the sketch.

I am curious at to whether anyone else
> is seeing the same behaviour that Oscar does.  Please post a reply
> here if you are (or aren't, I guess).  Thanks.

Of course,
> rounding measurements and calculations in Sketchpad can lead to some
> very interesting class discussions exactly because of the situation
> you describe - things that you KNOW are equal don't seem to be, and
> how could that be? :-)


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