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Topic: Probability & Simultaneous Equations Java Applets

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Subject:   RE: Probability & Simultaneous Equations Java Applets
Author: VJ
Date: Apr 14 2006
On Apr 11 2006, Si wrote:

I have just put up two applets in the in the web site
> shown below. One applet is for Probability calculations, where it
> does experimental simulations, equally likely events, probability
> tree. Probability applet, to see calculation, you have to select a
> single row or a range of rows from table of that specific section
> when it has been populated with the results of the calculation. The
> second applet is for solving step-by-step of a pair of simultaneous
> equations either by 'substitution' or 'elimination' methods.
> Different arrangements (based on the subject) of an equation are
> available to the user to select. In-equation of a pair of
> simultaneous equations is also available where the intersection is
> shaded. There are only two applets that are currently available from
> my site, however there are more that I will be uploading over time
> when I can get some spare time. Those 2 applets are:  

> "Simultaneous Equations" under the "Algebra" section.
> "Probability” under the "Probability & Statistics" section.

> is no documentations for the applets, I mean a no user guide yet. I
> believe that there can be no problem for anyone to use them. However
> I will try at the weekend to write some short notes as user guide so
> that students can use them with minimal help from teachers. I am
> sure that teachers would have no problem in figuring out of their
> use pretty quickly. There are dead-links on my site which they I
> listed them as:

Algebra Applet 1, Algebra Applet 2, ...
> Probability Applet 1, Probability Applet 2, ...

These are just
> stubs and not links for applets. They will become active when I
> uploaded more applet files soon.


Definitely interested in your subject applets, especially when they get
"unstubbed." Thanks for all your work.
You introduced a new term to us all. Please explain, "spare time."

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