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Topic: Math & Technology Group Meeting in St. Lous

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Subject:   Math & Technology Group Meeting in St. Lous
Author: ihor
Date: Apr 18 2006
An Invitation
The friends of CLIME (the Council for Technology in Mathematics Education – an
affiliate group of NCTM) invites you to participate in their 20th anniversary
“Birds of a Feather” presentation/discussion at the NCTM Meeting in St.
Theme: Teaching and Learning Math with Technology:
             How is it going after all these (20) years?
Date:   Thursday, April 27th, 2006
Time:   6:00 – 7:30 pm  
Place:  Kingsbury/Westmoreland Room
            Renaissance Grand Hotel
            St. Louis, Missouri

 ?Every year at the annual NCTM meeting CLIME holds a session for interested
math educators to meet, discuss and reflect on this important theme and renew
our commitment to supporting the effective use of technology in math education.
This year being the 20th anniversary, Ihor Charischak, the group’s founder and
David Weksler will present an overview and progress report of where CLIME has
been, where we are now and what challenges still lie ahead. We hope you can join
us. It promises to be thought provoking and informative session. For more
detailed information, visit the CLIME website at

We look forward to seeing you there.


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