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Topic: Dynamic Triangle Investigation Program

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Subject:   RE: Dynamic Triangle Investigation Program
Author: lata
Date: May 9 2006
Hi Craig,

thanks for the reply.

regarding your questions..

The side lengths are measured, as with all calculatons at the moment
based on the underlying pixel coord system.
The actual length is calculated by pythagaros, with the following snippet
var a = arr[1]._x-arr[0]._x;
var b = arr[1]._y-arr[0]._y;
this.sideALnth = Math.round(Math.sqrt(a*a+b*b));

At the moment I guess the grid is just an aid for plotting the points that make
up the triangle, the lengths calculated and the Grid are completely separate at
the moment, ie the calculations are not carried out based on the Grid point
values - what would you recommend regarding this? - for different grid
increments? At the moment only square grids are allowed - 3X3 upto    
10X10, once you have entered a grid size, press the button with the green circle
onit to update the grid.

I see what mean about the creation of pre-set triangles, I shall your comments
onboard and look to implement your suggestion.

Regarding the area I use Herons formula to get the value you see in the center
of the triangle:

var s = (sideALnth + sideBLnth + sideCLnth) /2;
area = Math.sqrt(s*(s-sideALnth)*(s-sideBLnth)*(s-sideCLnth));

would it be better to calculate the area based on the type of triangle , ie
Isoceles, Right etc? because I know each type can have a different area

I hope this information is what you were looking for, but if not I will try to
be more clear next time.

Do you think the application could have value to academic institutions or
furthermore be of use to people in this forum?

thank you

Daniel Latter

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