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Topic: Order of Operations (BOMDAS)

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Subject:   No BOMDAS
Author: James Goodman
Date: May 11 2006
I think so many teachers are not aware there is an issue here.  Thanks for
raising it.  I try to teach without using Bodmas at all and just stress the
importance of using brackets to aviod ambiguity.  And only introduce the proper
rules and conditions as and when they become an issue.


On May  9 2006, Mathman wrote:
> On Mar 15 2003, Kelvin wrote:
> The "BOMDAS" seems to be a powerful
> tool for students to remember
> the order of operations, but it is
> found that some teachers/students
> have a mis-understanding on the
> concept. Following is an example,
> 5x4-4+6 = ?

My calculation
> is 5x4-4+6=20-4+6=22

The misconcept
> calculation is 5x4-4+6=20-
> 4+6=20-10=10 (because addition is first
> and substraction second).
> This was brought to my attention by a recent reply.  I must say,
> "No!"
IF one must use a device like this, then the device must be
> interpreted as to its intent.  The important thing is that the
> students are taught the proper rules and conditions, and that
> is then a secondary, not a primary weapon for the solution; simply
> something to jog the memory if and when needed.  BOMDAS has been
> said here as BODMAS, and could as well have been BOMDSA. The meaning
> in the one indicated here is ...

Brackets, then
Order, then
> Mutiplication OR division, then
Addition OR subtraction.

> is no confusion except that being created.


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